“The golf swing puts a lot of stress on the body, add to that the long walk around the course and your muscles can become tight and sore, robbing you of movement, power and control! Not what you want to play your best golf!

I’ve used Dave for Sports Massage for many years now to help aid my recovery and get my body in the best shape possible to play my best. This in turn has helped me stay injury and pain free. No bad backs etc… that plague many golfers! My body feels great allowing me to both practice longer and enjoy playing golf!

I would highly recommend him to golfers of all levels and he is a valuable member of my support team.”
Tom Boys
England U18 and A squad and now Professional golfer

“…I don’t think I could have achieved this great start without “Massage for life” and would like to say a big thanks to Dave for his expertise, patience and encouragement…”
Leanne Callaghan
1st vet female at Doucy-Valmorel French Cup race
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“I started running back in mid 2009, training, believe it or not for a marathon. I had no running experience, but always wanted to run a marathon, and the challenge was presented to me by a friend, and though apprehensive, took it on. I had 5 months to train, and thankfully I had experienced people around me for advise, and they recommended ‘sports massage’ as part of the course.

I discovered ‘Massage for Life’ and met Dave. The first few massages, were lets say, challenging, but it quickly became clear of the benefits. To say my body felt amazing after a few sessions is an understatement, it made me realise how much I had neglected my body, and a couple of days after each session, I ran like a gazelle, I felt so much more supple. It helped in my training, recover from long runs, and prevented injury, and to this day, I have never had an injury through running.

Dave is extremely knowledgable within his craft, and I strongly recommend him, and his team.”
Russ Lecroy

“My greatest fear when I started training for Ironman was whether my body would cope. I truly believe that the regular massages I get from Dave have enabled me to keep up my training regime. Any niggles that I do get, Dave soon sorts out and I also seem to recover from training sessions quicker as I don’t have as many aches and pains afterwards.”
Jane Roberts. Wirral.
Ironman Louisville 2009

“… I never dreamed that at the age of 71 I would still be racing my bike and being competitive. During last season in particular I felt that I was able to train that litte bit harder due to the fact that I was recovering much quicker from hard sessions. I regard the introduction of regular massage to my legs, and my problem low back as a major factor in my ability to push myself that little bit further in training…”
John Lythe. Wirral.
Merseyside Veterans Time Trial Association Champion on standard 2006
West Cheshire Time Trial Association Champion on standard 2006
Birkenhead North End Cycling Club Veterans Champion 2006

“…Regular Sports Massage is the way forward! I’ve been having massage from Dave every two weeks for the last two years, and I feel relaxed, my shoulders aren’t as tight as they used to be, and if I pick up an injury while playing sport, Dave can usually help sort it out within a couple of visits….fantastic!
Looking forward to plenty more massage in the future, and a relaxed outlook on life…”
Chris Samuel. Chester.

“…During the season I am racing and training in Europe with my Dicovery Channel cycling team. I recieve regular massage from them as part of my recovery. When I am at home on the Wirral my training does not stop , so the massage I have recieved from Dave has been an important part of my recovery from training sessions at home…”
Steve Cummings. Wirral.
Profesional racing cyclist BMC Racing team.
Former World 4000 metre team pursuit champion.
Olympic siver medalist 4000 metre team pursuit.
Commonwealth Games bronze medalist 4000 metre pursuit.

“…. Regular massage from Dave significantly contributed to a successfull cycle racing season. I have enjoyed a noticeable difference in recovery and repair which has supported an intense training regime…”
Claire Gauler. Wirral.
Birkenhead North End Cycling club womens Best All Rounder 2006.
Birkenhead North End Cycling club 1st Time Trial Handicap League 2006.
Merseyside Ladies Cycling Association Handicap Best All Rounder 2006.
Merseyside Ladies Cycling Association Jamed Fothergill “50 mile” Time Trial Champion 2006.
West Cheshire Time Trial Association Points Champion. 2006.
West Cheshire Time Trial Association 10 mile, 25 mile, 30 mile womens Time Trial Champion 2006.